COVID-19 Response

While understanding your real estate portfolio in detail is always important for organizations, the COVID-19 crisis has introduced an unprecedented global environment in which it is more vital than ever for organizations to understand and critically assess current and projected costs and positions carefully. In this rapidly changing situation, every organization needs to confidently know exactly what property portfolio they have and all the options they have around it.

Sequentra® is a Property Management technology platform that brings certainty to our clients over the exact content of their portfolio, the costs incurred throughout the lease length and the options that are present in the lease documents that constitute events.

These events are key to the strategic management of a portfolio. They give Real Estate Leadership teams the ability to mitigate projected costs and model the portfolio moving into the future, potentially avoiding significant costs. The ability to see all the critical lease events that that now will be strategically vital to leverage makes them smarter, able to avoid expensive long leases, to renegotiate partially used locations and make informed decisions based on facts.

With Sequentra® our clients can customise their portfolios data to their own choosing, no longer trying to fit into standard data models or selections. Sequentra® is one of the most flexible products on the market today and will ensure no matter your data and source, we can build a full database of live information for you to serve as your golden source of truth.

Pressure will be placed on all real estate departments to act in a concise and considered way, making good decisions based on solid facts. The quality of a client’s portfolio information is critical now more than ever as real estate costs continue to represent the 2nd highest expense for many of the world’s companies. Being agile, with decisions made on a strong foundation of facts is essential.

With so many teams and departments now working from home, having your data be mobile and accessible is now a critical consideration. Knowing you are using a single source of truth managed collaboratively in one place means you will be making only the best decisions on the path forward for your portfolio. Working from home also means your physical contracts are no longer at your side. Having access to electronic versions of the contract alongside all your lease data means you have the full picture, in one place, available 24 by 7, 365 days a year.

How can Sequentra® help you?

Sequentra® is a product that has been delivering the highest quality service to clients for the last 20 years. Offering a true ‘turn key’ service, clients can offer up their portfolio data to the Sequentra® team, staffed by Real Estate professionals and skilled IT technicians who will migrate your portfolio data into the tool with ease – whether the source is excel or bespoke custom-built tools. Our migration teams have decades of experience building meaningful data models and will give you an industry best in class product with personalised dashboards and meaningful reports for key players in your organisation, telling them the facts they need to know – all built within weeks by our team.

Sequentra® will be your source of truth at your fingertips through any browser on any modern device.

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