Sequentra was born out of a company in 1999 that provided Corporate Real Estate (CRE) services and property management software as its core offering. They came to the realisation that there was a growing need to help corporate real estate departments manage and centralise their real estate related information. Prior to the existence of Sequentra, they realised clients were frustrated with the products and services that existed in the CRE software industry with particular emphasis on property management and lease administration software. While there were many systems available on the market, they were not designed to support more than one aspect of CRE or to support lease audit services.

The company identified a gap and need in the market for an effective, efficient and full-service property management software solution. They went on to develop Sequentra as their integrated corporate real estate software solution, and so Sequentra Solutions LLC was created.

Today, Sequentra is wholly owned by CBRE and is available to clients who buy CBRE’s Lease Administration service or on a direct Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Our primary goal is to assist and support Corporate Real Estate (CRE) teams achieve success. The CBRE-Sequentra partnership grows from strength to strength daily and together we firmly believe in world class customer service, technical excellence and building a system that delivers real advantage.