Sequentra - Corporate Real Estate Management Tool
Sequentra® is a fully web-based SaaS application - available to any authenticated user upon login globally on a 24/7 basis.


Sequentra® requires only an Internet connection and a web browser.

Sequentra® technology is able to meet the strictest security and regulatory requirements of global Fortune 500 companies.

Sequentra® plays well with other systems, interoperability is critical.

Online document management for easily sharing department files. Document Control capabilities, including creation, emailing, version-tracking and archival. All authorized users have access to latest documents wherever they are working.

The Sequentra® self service report writer is fully integrated within the system, requires no software install, and can be learned by anyone with intermediate MS Excel skills.

Robust historical auditing for SOX compliance.

Multicurrency and multi units of measure so you can serve global locations with local information.

Dashboard Driven: Dashboards capability displaying information as both charts/graph and textual information as well as providing quick-access links to key reports, tasks and/or parts of the database, configured by role, group or individual.

Sequentra® provides ERP data integrations with many client financial systems, including Oracle, SAP, JDEdwards and others.


System Implementation and Data Migration

Sequentra® has successfully migrated clients from a large variety of available systems. Based on quality of data and our client's business priorities, the Sequentra® implementation expert will create a plan to get the data on to our best-in-class system and fully mobilized.

Our experienced and knowledgeable account managers also document current state process, and identify areas for improvement and increased efficiency, prior to going live with Sequentra®.

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