Sequentra - Corporate Real Estate Management Tool
Space Management
CAFM designed for the Corporate Real Estate department

Space Management Module

The Space Management Module from Sequentra® is designed for facility professionals, departmental liaisons and executive management to facilitate complete visibility into space and occupancy information in a real-time, web-based environment with CAD floor plan integration.

With the Space Management Module, you can:

  • Maintain an accurate inventory of space, including occupants' location assignments, space types, areas, capacities and associated drawings from your web browser.
  • Improve space utilization and reduce occupancy costs with detailed space inventories, accurate occupancy data and compare utilization data with portfolio performance.
  • Allocate space to cost centers and track space utilization by department, employee, floors, buildings or any combination of allocation/space assignment detail.
  • Support alternative workplace strategies with features such as our hot desk management tool.

Move Management

Move Planning is typically the culmination of months of diligent preparation and planning. To ensure faultless delivery on the day, Sequentra® Move Management provides clients with capabilities to prepare an overall master relocation strategy ensuring thorough logistical plans and comprehensive checklists align with rigorous processes to support simple to complex relocations.

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