Sequentra - Corporate Real Estate Management Tool
Real-time visibility into the status and budget of all active projects

Program Management Module

The Sequentra® Program Management Module provides a feature-rich environment allowing our clients to effectively and efficiently plan and manage their global projects portfolio via web access by providing real-time visibility into both operating and capital project status and activities in conjunction with existing property data.

  • Support consistent processes and workflow
  • Provide easy to use tools for project managers
  • Manage all documents to support your team or track your contracts
  • Dashboards deliver key, live information for an entire program of activity, tailored to your needs

You will enjoy global access to a broad range of program level planning tools, such as user-defined dashboards, profiling tools to define best in class templates for budget and program, cash flow analysis, risk management, enhanced "drag and drop" Gantt-based project schedule planning / management, tracking project savings and standard and ad hoc reporting.

Program level reporting based upon time, cost, and quality drive powerful reporting designed to deliver the right information and enable control of all activities.

Full capability of cycle time analysis enables a continuous improvement loop for driving best practices, financial capability such as purchase and change orders as well as invoices, provide full budget reconciliation and contribute to the accuracy of Total Cost of Occupancy reporting.

All of these features combine to extend the visibility and transparency of project, program and portfolio status while enhancing the day-to-day effectiveness of Program and Project Managers.

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